Promote the brand during the fashion week and accompany potential buyers upon their arrival at the airport to the sales outlets in the main shopping malls in Singapore with special emphasis on the main Sales Outlet in Orchard Central Shopping mall.

Our Solution

- 36 columns located in all three terminals of Singapore’s international Airport.
- 52 cherry-picked CLP’s in direct vicinity of the sales outlets
- 4 enormous outdoor pillars, 2 hoarding panels just in front of the store and 20 double sided suspended banners outside Orchard Central mall.

Amazing Result

One single point of contact for DESIGUAL to roll out a campaign combining offerings of over 6 different suppliers. We can certainly conclude that the shiny smiles of Adriana Lima –the new iconic top model for this campaign- illuminated the whole of the city!

TriggerONE® offers clients a single, independent point of access for all global out of home media.

With our March 2014 Newsletter, we proposed our clients our special Singapore Fashion Week Outpack. Desigual decided to take advantage of this unique and special offer. To tailor the campaign to the needs of Desigual, the standard pack has been extended with some very visible displays in direct vicinity of their major sales outlets.
Our service pledge is to plan, buy and manage international outdoor media in the most effective, impactful and cost conscious way whilst understanding our client needs and controlling the medium to suit them.