TriggerONE® has been designed to help Out-Of-Home professionals set up cross-border campaigns by providing the largest selection of available packages and faces per unit through a single and user-friendly market place gateway.

Align IT with Operations and make it much more effective.

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Multiple screening criteria such as: 37 countries, 220 contractor inventories, over 2 million faces, 15.000 cities, 20.600 networks, target audiences, etc.

Thanks to Web 2.0 technology, Microsoft BING®, GOOGLE maps®, external databases (Audience surveys worldwide, Client Big Data), we turn passive information into Analytics to offer you, today, the best decision-making tools of tomorrow.

TriggerONE® permits a sophisticated level of integration of the OOH Media-Vendors’ proprietary data bases and information. With literally just a couple of clicks, the tool allows TriggerONE® to produce analytics, counter-offers and media recommendations.

As a dedicated planning and buying software (App.), TriggerONE® allows us to obtain maximum information on available media, compare packages and similar locations, as well as offer real-time and dependable choice to their clients.

As a tailor-made software, TriggerONE® allows advertisers to target their visual presence according to their own geo-marketing data, at both retail outlet or/and consumer resident level (homes).

TriggerONE, Microsoft, BING and GOOGLE are registered Trade Marks.

An intelligent software that integrates data and systems across organizations.

TriggerONE® is a unique and totally intuitive internet help decision tool for Out-Of-Home businesses. We can search among millions of locations according to multiple criteria throughout several countries. A combination of criteria will narrow our search: screening passive information delivered by the OOH Media-Vendors with the related audience and coverage data.

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FIND THE BEST MATCHING NETWORKS: Select the networks that best fit your strategy according to a specific criterion, such as Distance to P.O.I. (Points of interest).

Each user’s campaign is saved, and can be retrieved at any time in its own private space. The functionality Download to Excel ®, PowerPoint ® or PDF ® for technical specifications, enables us to quickly assess the recommendation along with buying and selling prices to set up customized presentations.

Services in the “cloud” offer value and speed

Quality is our overriding priority. Our Quality and Production department publishes a product only when it matches our high standard requirements. This includes agreements with local OOH Media-Vendors and English translations when necessary. We ensure High Quality geo-localization of all faces using coordinates from OOH Inventories when available, regardless of the system with which they were initially generated.

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FIND THE BEST MATCHING NETWORKS: Select the networks that best fit your strategy according to multiple criteria such as: Distance to P.O.I. (Points of interest), Industry sectors, retail activities and target audiences.

For the majority of our clients, a city is a combination of industry sectors, retailing stores and final clients.

For TriggerONE®, each conurbation including a city of more than 100,000 inhabitants is composed of a minimum of 10 primary Industry sectors, and an average of 40 retail activities.

In an increasingly competitive environment, users need more and more added value in their recommendations. This is why everything is done so that clients may acquire the maximum information available on the media and the markets. In addition, users can compare similar locations and offer a consistent choice at the point of booking

IT can help draw the bigger picture

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. TriggerONE® pioneered the idea of building a global data base of advertising sites around comparable criteria and added-value information. We started in 2005 collecting data. We are using the latest Java technology behind the development of both our back office system and Internet based platform.

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MY POINTS OF INTEREST (P.O.I.): Upload your P.O.I. list from an Excel spread sheet and select the best networks according to your own criteria (e.g. distance, target audience)

TriggerONE® has contracted a worldwide agreement with Microsoft BING® to geolocate instantly any sites. This technology has allowed TriggerONE® to develop new applications in relation to P.O.I. / P.O.S. (Points of Interest / Point of Sale) databases, such as real time Perimetric affinity between Brand P.O.S. versus competitors and networks or faces.

Small spending steps bring productivity leaps.

Our goal is to turn information data into Analytics. To help users in their decision process, passive information is not sufficient. TriggerONE® has developed sophisticated tools such as advanced screening along with the integration of external data bases: Audience surveys, P.O.I. / P.O.S. databases and user’s proprietary databases (Client Big Data).

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FIND THE BEST MATCHING NETWORKS: Upload your P.O.I. list from BING, compare your P.O.I. to competitors and select the best networks according to your own criteria.

The latter can be defined as Points of Sales or Final clients dedicated address lists. Thanks to the combination of these functionalities, users can build various campaign strategies to suit their unique communication goals for their Brands: Aggressive, Defensive or Consolidation.